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My name is Joana.

Designer, Entrepreneur, Woman, Traveler, Passionate, Real.

Focused on entrepreneurship and uneasy, my favorite days are those where I turn dreams into reality.

My real passion is to help women live the life of their dreams, with brands that make them shine.


Born in Lisbon but resident in the world, I am in love with every corner I can get to know. Portugal, Italy, Holland, England, Spain and, now the United Arab Emirates, are the countries where I have been and where I have lived. I believe that online can transform our lives and, therefore, I transformed my project in order to be able to work wherever I am.

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Curiosities about me

so you can get to know me a little better.



  I live around the world  

In the past 6 years I have lived in 5 different countries and this journey made me realize that the online was the way for my business. Having the privilege of knowing other cultures, other habits and other places is an enriching experience.



  At 23 I created my brand. 

It was in times of crisis that I created my business. My intuition led me to send that first email, and that's when it all started.



  Coffee shops are mine

preferred office   

For a long time my routine was working in cafes. I like to be surrounded by people, preferably with a Matcha Latte to accompany my laptop.



... but my office is at home. And I love it!

I love being home! For me having a space where I feel productive and comfortable is essential to my day.

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 I'm in love with India 

India is always in my plans when it comes to traveling. It's a magic country and that teaches us so much. It's a special place for me.



I have a dog 

daughter that is my passion! 

I have a special connection with animals. My dream is one day to have a shelter for all of them.


After entering the job market, where I worked at one of the largest agencies in the world - Publicis - I quickly realized that my destiny was not to work for large companies. At Publicis I had contact with world famous brands, and it was at this agency that I learned a lot of what I am today professionally. Working as a team makes us grow and, above all, learn, especially when we have just left college and are "fresh" in the market. Working with brands like Garnier, Renault, Dacia, Adagio, among others, made me create a good portfolio and with it invest in my individual career. I am therefore very grateful to the people I worked with at that time, as they were my great teachers.

However, I quickly realized that my passion was not to work for a large agency. From an early age I realized that my path was turned to entrepreneurship, with brands that were being born in the Portuguese market.

The crisis in Portugal was getting worse and finding a job with a fair salary was not an easy task at the time. But I believe that nothing happens by chance ... and if I were not ambitious and wanted no more, I would not be where I am today. The desire for more made me create my portfolio and send the first email looking for a customer. The answer was yes! At the first email I captivated a brand that I still work with today, after 7 years. I know that email was my "lucky star", but I also know that it was my intuition that made me send it. If I had not sent it on my own initiative, I would never have received the answer that made me want to start my business. And, therefore, my motto is: "Success is not won, it is achieved".

And here I am today... with JL & Company and with more than 70 brands created by me!


I usually say that I am from the world. After living in Italy, Holland and Lisbon, I lived in London for three years, a city that makes me what I am today. I abandoned the radiant sun of my city, Lisbon, and moved to the European capital where I feel inspired every day. Living far away made me grow personally but also professionally. I learned that we are just a click away and I am proud to not only have kept my customers but also to have tripled them. After London I moved to Barcelona and, a year and a half later, to the United Arab Emirates.

I feel good in whatever part of the world and I have the ability to adapt to any country where I am, because I believe that we are the ones who make our own happiness, wherever we are.


With all these changes, I realized that the world is increasingly digital. I believe that being outside is an asset because we have contact with ideas, projects and situations that we would not have if we did not leave our comfort zone. I argue that the digital world is fundamental and, above all, it allows us to have an incredible quality of life.

In recent years there have been many people who come to me not only to create your branding, but also to help them create consistent communication, particularly on social networks. This has undoubtedly been a major concern not only for my clients but also for my followers. So, in addition to design, my project also focuses on tips, courses for social networks, monthly covenants, and business mentoring.

My main objective is that my client's idea becomes my work. I make ideas grow, come to life. What may seem complicated ... becomes simple! My clients' dreams are made reality , creatively, so that their brand communicates in a different and innovative way in the market. And so they can be distinguished! I believe that small things make great ideas and that great ideas are born great brands.


with love,

The time has come to get to know you!


"Joana appeared by chance but at a time when she was in need of someone who understood my ideas exactly as she had idealized them and put them into practice! It's amazing how she always understands what I want for the brand and still manages to give a a different touch and that I always like in all creations! It has been a great experience and I am sure that our duo will last!"

Marta Gonçalves, Marta's Cake