Express Mentoring

I ended 2020 with the certainty that JL & Company is not just about creating beautiful brands. In addition to the brandings and websites I create, there was added the pleasure of teaching and helping your brand to communicate effectively.

To start this 2021 I prepared MENTORIA EXPRESS.

An individual mentoring that will allow you to give an initial boost to improve your Instagram today, with the tips that I consider essential.

Let's do it?

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O username é importante?

Don't know how to improve your Instagram and want to start seeing results now?


This is the problem for most of the people who come to me, and I know it can be very frustrating to spend so many hours on a platform that doesn't give us the results we want.

The truth is that with small steps you can start making a difference now.

In express mentoring I teach you how, with one or two sessions only, depending on the option you choose. It's the start you need to start seeing results now!

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Who was it designed for?

Mentoria Express was designed for those who want to improve Instagram, and want to start making a difference now without having to invest a lot of time to learn.

With just one or two sessions we will work on the essential points that I consider basic to improve your communication.